Green Bank Star Quest XVI

 Optical "Star Party" & Conference

    June 26th - June 29th, 2019

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing


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Central Appalachian Astronomy Club


Star Quest Is A Premier Star Party


    This event is held at the Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank WV.  We feature a distinguished keynote speaker EVERY evening, with presentations on the latest in astronomy.  Clinics and additional presentations held throughout each day (indoors) on multiple subjects, including Astrophotography.  Solar and night-time observing with our amazing dark skies, from your campsite. Campground has graveled roads, sanitary stations and HOT showers nearby.  We feature: a Large Raffle Drawing (the 2018 event had 96 prizes); Children's Activities and raffle; Cafeteria and Snack Bar on site.  The four-day registration fee is just $100. Limited bunkhouse accommodations for additional fee. Optional Breakfast and Supper buffet available for purchase from GBO and served in their cafeteria. As a bonus, you can learn about radio astronomy from the GBO staff.  For Registration and information go to: and see us on Facebook.


Event Registration

(See and like our Facebook page: Green Bank Star Quest for additional information and updates)

                                               Group picture of 2018 attendees of  Star Quest  

.  (GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for groups of 10 or more. Group payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. This discount will be 10%

  through the pre-registration cut off date.


 NOTICE: Special Needs RV sites are all full!  RV's can still use regular camp sites.  Sorry NO generators allowed



Science Center              


Residence Hall

Observing / Campsite field





 Keynote Presentations 


“Asteroids: Their Discovery, Composition, and Observation”  presented by TERRY TREES:  Chairman, Mid-East Regional Astronomical League


“Apollo Landing Sites and Their Stories” presented by TERRY MANN: Vice-President of the Ohio Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association; Chair of the Great Lakes Region of the Astronomical League; Astro Imager; Aurora Chaser.


"Lunar Exploration in Today’s World: The Legacy of Apollo” presented by G. WESLEY (WES) PATTERSON:  Planetary Exploration Group (SRE), Space Exploration Sector (SES), Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

“The Once and Future Moon”
presented by SHANE LARSON:  Research Associate Professor KF7W0Z, Associate Director, CIERA (Northwestern University Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics); Fellow, American Physical Society

Please check back often, any additional information will be posted as it becomes available


      The GBT, the worlds-largest steerable radio telescope!


The GBT with the night sky (maintenance white lights are not usually on)




                    Science Center Atrium



Observing / Campsite field