Our 16th Annual !!! 

Green Bank Star Quest

 Optical "Star Party" & Conference

    June 26th - June 29th, 2019

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Central Appalachian Astronomy Club


Star Quest Is A Premier Star Party

Our event is held at the Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank WV.  We feature a distinguished keynote speaker EVERY evening, with presentations on the latest in optical & radio astronomy. Clinics and additional presentations held daily (indoors) on multiple subjects including Astrophotography. Solar and night-time observing with our amazing dark skies, right from your campsite. Campground has graveled roads, sanitary stations and a HOT shower facility near by.  We Feature: a Large Raffle Drawing (the 2017 event had about 84 prizes), Children's Activities, Cafeteria and Snack Bar, and Vendors on site. The four-day registration fee is just $100. Limited bunkhouse accommodations for additional fee. Breakfast and Supper buffet available for purchase from GBO and served in their cafeteria. For Registration and additional information follow the links in menu at the top of this page.

Event Registration

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                                              Group picture of some attendees of  Star Quest  

.  (GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for groups of 10 or more. Group payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. This discount will be 10%

  through the pre-registration cut off date.



Science Center              


Residence Hall

Observing / Campsite field





 Keynote Presentations 


“Asteroids: Their Discovery, Composition, and Observation”  presented by TERRY TREES:  Chairman, Mid-East Regional Astronomical League


“Apollo Landing Sites and Their Stories” presented by TERRY MANN: Vice-President of the Ohio Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association; Chair of the Great Lakes Region of the Astronomical League; Astro Imager; Aurora Chaser.


"Lunar Exploration in Today’s World: The Legacy of Apollo” presented by G. WESLEY (WES) PATTERSON:  Planetary Exploration Group (SRE), Space Exploration Sector (SES), Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

“The Once and Future Moon”
presented by SHANE LARSON:  Research Associate Professor KF7W0Z, Associate Director, CIERA (Northwestern University Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics); Fellow, American Physical Society

Please check back often, any additional information will be posted as it becomes available


      The GBT, the worlds-largest steerable radio telescope!


The GBT with the night sky (maintenance white lights are not usually on)



                    Science Center Atrium



Observing / Campsite field