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Our 18th Annual !!! 

Green Bank Star Quest

 Optical "Star Party" & Conference

   June 21 - June 24, 2023

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Central Appalachian Astronomy Club


Keynote Presentations for 2023

June 21 thru June 24


WEDNESDAY   (6/21/23)

Ryan Lynch - Staff Scientist, Green Bank Observatory, with interests in Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts

THURSDAY   (6/22/23):

Thomas Reinert  - President, International Dark-Sky Association

FRIDAY (6/23/23):

Caitlin Ahrens, NASA Postdoctoral Program, Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, LRO Diviner Science Team Member. "Topic to be announced"

SATURDAY (6/24/23):

Ramin Lolachi  - Planetary Scientist, University Of Maryland, Baltimore County/NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science & Technology (CRESTT) II


Complete list of presenters for 2023 Star Quest:

Caitlin Ahrens – NASA Postdoctoral Program, Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, LRO Diviner Science Team Member


Bob Anderson – Chief Telescope Engineer and Head of Telescope Operations (Retired), Green Bank Observatory


Maria Babiuc-Hamilton – Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physics, College of Science, Marshall University


Dave Green – Landscape Astrophotographer


Tim Hamilton – Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Shawnee State University, Coordinator of the Clark Planetarium


David Holden – The Meteorite Man


Don Knabb – Chair, Mid East Region of the Astronomical League; Treasurer, Chester County Astronomical Society


Mark “Indy’ Kochte aka Star Harvey – Received a degree in Astronomy & Physics from The Ohio State University.  Held positions with: Space Telescope Science Institute for Hubble; FUSE (Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer); MESSENGER; CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer) on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; New Horizons; Solar Orbiter Mission.


Jay Lockman – Astronomer at GBO:  Undergraduate degree from Drexel University, Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts.  Fellowship at Carnegie Institution of Washington, Director of the GBT for six years.  Has published many articles in professional journals and edited several books.  Involved in outreach regarding radio astronomy and related topics. Elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2013.


Terry Mann – Past President of the Astronomical League, current Secretary of the Astronomical League, Chair of the Great Lakes Region of the AL,  Co-Host for Astronomical League Live online program and President of the IDA-Ohio Chapter, Astro-Imager, Aurora Chaser


Brent Maynard – Adjunct Professor Marshall University, Computer Science; Senior Director (Retired) Information Systems, Marshall University


Thomas Reinert – President, International Dark-Sky Association


Josh Revels – Education Outreach Specialist, Katherine Johnson NASA IV&V Education Resource Center


Nate Tehrani – Guidance Navigation & Control Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center